Autumn, Particularly

It’s hard to believe I could miss her more than I do, every. single. day. Then fall comes. It’s autumn, particularly, that embodies her brilliance, her joie de vivre, her way of bursting into a room and charging the energy with color and light.

Kissie embraced and celebrated each season’s idiosyncrasies, but none captivated her, or crystallized her sense of wonder and awe, like fall. She reveled in the midwestern pleasures: the crisp air, a crackling fire, apples and pumpkins, Halloween, and of course, the trees. She’d unabashedly jump into a pile of maple leaves and toss them like confetti.

These are the liminal days when I long for her with a heightened intensity – memories swirl and I can almost hear her voice in the quiet morning air. Maybe that’s why she loved this time so much – these transitory, fluid days do feel like a threshold, a beginning as much as an end. There is a penetrating sense of her presence, and countless reminders of the life and people she loved so much. I miss her more.

3 thoughts on “Autumn, Particularly

  1. That was beautiful, Mary. You words brought a very vivid image of Kris( sp.) to me. I think of your sister, falling in leaves, tripping a little on her path, yet always skipping toward light, love and life. I like the idea that she skipped, not raced through her days, giving her more time to stop for flowers and people.

    The confidence, trust, spirit, joy, fun and more that I have found in our journeys as friends has enabled me to be me and “grow” and to feel peace. I am grateful that you share yourself and speak of those you love.

    Love, Maureen

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